Moonstone Bank is Closing the Accounts of its Crypto Clients to ’Refocus on Community Bank Role’


Moonstone Bank is Closing the Accounts of its Crypto Clients to ’Refocus on Community Bank Role’

Moonstone Bank, a digital bank focused on serving high-net-worth individuals, has revealed that it is exiting the crypto space and will be refocusing on the "community bank" role.

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Could your bank really close YOUR current account with little warning?

Banks have come into the firing line this week over current account closures and slowness to pass on base rate rises to savers.

Nigel Farage claims his bank shut his current account over his Brexit views – the former politician has been vocal on Twitter about his treatment by Coutts, while the exclusive bank with a high net wealth clientele has fired back.

So, can banks realistically do that to you? Georgie Frost, Simon Lambert and Lee Boyce tell you all the reasons your bank can close your current account – and what to do if it happen to you.

And on the same day big bank bosses faced a grilling from the FCA about paying savers fairly, Lloyds, Halifax and HSBC hike rates – coincidence?

Savings deals have been rocketing in recent months, experts give their views on whether we’re at a peak – or if there is further still to go for savers.

With savings rates rising, many are questioning whether to bother investing – one thinktank reckons Britons are ploughing far too much into cash instead of investing. How do the figures stack up?

And finally… would you pay into your partner’s pension? A spouse can pay into their partner’s pension while they are not working to ensure they do not miss out financially in later life, but is it a wise move?

Show notes – read more about the stories featured in this episode

All the reasons a bank can close your current account

Ploughing too much into cash?

Lloyds, Halifax, HSBC hike rates

Big bank bosses face another grilling over their treatment of savers.

Have savings rates peaked?

Should you pay into your partner’s pension?

FTX’s SECRET Bank: This SBF Story Will BLOW Your Mind!

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16:06 CBDC, WEF Connections
21:02 Was Sam a Puppet?


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Banking collapse is ‘political decision’; all big banks will own Bitcoin – Michael Saylor (Pt. 1/3)

In part 1 of this three-part interview, Michael Saylor, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of MicroStrategy, claims that Bitcoin’s credibility has improved over the past year in the midst of crypto collapses and bank failures. He told Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, that banks, nonprofits, and governments will eventually own Bitcoin. Claiming that he is a ‘Bitcoin realist,’ Saylor also discussed Bitcoin’s role as an inflation hedge and store of value, contrasting it against gold.

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0:00 – Bitcoin vs. other assets
3:30 – Adoption
9:06 – Bitcoin realism
15:31 – Regulation
18:35 – Saylor’s Bitcoin moment
27:31 – Bitcoin strategy
31:22 – Can Bitcoin fail?
36:42 – Inflation
40:34 – Banking collapse

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